Friday, October 7, 2011

You wanna play rough? Say hello to my little friend.

I admit I've only seen a little bit of
Scarface, but I can't help but think
of Tony Montana as Shylock.
I'm trying to decide what I can and want to learn from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.  After doing a little research, I realize I could go the somewhat popular route of checking out the Shakespearean take on Christian versus Jewish dealings.  I must confess, have an originality complex, so I really don't want to look at this play in a way that is commonly done.  However, I have recently been noticing religious themes in my recent reading of Shakespeare's plays, so for now I'm planning on going against what I reeeeeally want to do.
Portia's inheritance in Belmont?

To be kind of redundant, I do hope I end up going somewhere different with this for the sake of my originality's sanity.  There's plenty of love going around, especially in Portia's direction, so I'll definitely be looking at that some.  Since there are some 'good' spite filled dealings between men of different religious views, I'll be analyzing that as well.  Who knows, you might hear from me more often.

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